Our HSCB are designed and tested according to IEC60077 for Rolling stock applications HSCB are suitable for circuit protection.

After the pantgraph or third rail shoe collector, they provide an overload or short circuit protection in automatic mode. They are provided with an electronic control board in order to manage all the functions of the product and there is no need of external control circuti to operate the HSCB. The arc chute is made of metallic plates which guarantee a low weight and easy handling during maintenance as well as a powerful performance fully tested in accredited laboratories. The HSCB can be provided with or without box and the box can be fully customized to meet every requirements. Can be installed on the roof or under the vehicle through an innovative opening system which allows an easy inspection of the contacts.

HSCB Series


  • High performances in small volume
  • Full bidirectionality and absence of critical currents both in direct and reverse sense
  • Long main contact life
  • Electronic control included. No need of external circuit or logic
  • Single winding coil with reduced power consumption in holding phase
  • Crouzet IP67 sealed snap action auxiliary contact blocks with 1NO+1NC contacts each
  • imple maintainability with easy extractability of all consumable items